Friday, January 31, 2014

Strategic Math Valentine's Day Game

I snagged this cute freebie from Spot on Second on TpT!! This game helps the kids to see that sometimes there is more than one way to win. One of the common core math practices tell us to encourage our students to make a plan and persevere. Click on the link above to grab this freebie for your class!


Mrs. O’Brien


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Science and Writing Unite!

Science Magazine! 
 I got my 2nd grade students excited to research and gather information about different types of storms, by letting them know that they would be publishing their work in a class magazine!

We have studied article layouts and text features before, so this was also a great way to review titles, captions, and labels. They had a blast, and they were so excited to take their copies of our very informative and fascinating magazine home. This turned out to be great practice for writing expository paragraphs as well.

If you would like me to send you the Science Magazine PDF that I created for free. Please click the link below to download this awesome resource!


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Mrs. O’Brien

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sequence of Events Activity

Sequence of Events

My students were really struggling with sequence of events. We focused on transition words, read and reread stories, organized the events in a thinking map, but they were still having some trouble.
Today, I made a story and then cut it up into strips. I picked 3 team captains and gave each group an envelope containing the story strips. (They all had the same story)
I think giving the students the opportunity to manipulate the text and move things around, really clicked with them. They were forced to rely on the transition words, and had to pay close attention to the details to put the story back in order.
The story turned out to be a funny tale of our entire class going to the beach, ending with me jumping out of an airplane. They LOVED it!

Try it out in your class and see what happens!

 Check out all of my sequence of events activities here!


Mrs. O’Brien

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Making Observations about Lemons

We made observations about lemons today! First we closely studied whole lemons. After a lengthy discussion, and BrainPop Jr. video about what an observation is and how to make one, we applied this knowledge to lemons. 

We drew pictures of our lemons, made predictions about whether or not they would float, then tested it (they do float). We described how they feel and smell, and we tasted them of course.
Tasting the lemons as a part of our observations was the most fun part. Check out our sour faces!

 We had a great time, wrote down terrific observations, and recorded what we observed. What great junior scientists we are turning out to be!

Grab my observations notebook sheets here!
Mrs. O’Brien